handmade & "heartmade" - steampunk and vintage styled jewels

what is luvgears

luvgears is an idea, a project and now it's a brand. it started in the beginning of 2014 in the mind of an italian artist and soon became reality. luvgears gives new life to broken antique and/or modern watches by disassembling them into pieces and assembling back again in the shape of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more.

  • handmade and heartmade

    every piece is totally handmade. no industrial chain, no multinational factory. only hands, love and dedition.

  • unique design

    every piece that I use is different. that's one of the reason why every jewel is unique and has a unique design. you will never find two jewels exactly equal.

  • worldwide shipping

    luvgears jewels can be shipped everywhere in the world if you want

  • you can make the rules

    jewels can be commissioned; if you'd like to have something even more special and personal, or if you'd like to have something similar to a jewel that is already sold you can ask for a commission with no additional price

  • LuvGears Jewels have been published on Revolution Magazine (Which has been recently choosen by the New York Times as the number one clock's magazine in the world) Such an onour!
  • Sulla rivista Revolution - numero di Aprile ed. italiana - parlano di LuvGears
    E' un grande onore poichè, non solo la rivista viene pubblicata in sedici paesi al mondo ma recentemente il new York Times l'ha anche incoronata come rivista d'orologeria N° 1 al mondo!
  • about the creator


    • a clock


      I like ancient stuff

      Serena Faraldo Art Director - Creative Director - Developer

      Class 1985 - Artist, illustrator and photographer in Naples south of italy - grandoughter of a clockfixer - lover of everything creative and vintage

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